Start Your Mission

What is it to have purpose? What motivates you each day to stand up and take on the challenges life throws at you daily? It has to be something that burns deep within you to give you an edge over everyone else. The things that separate you from your peers must be the drive within you to better yourself each and every day. This life can’t be a compilation of hobbies to pass the time and “amuse” you. You have to find something, anything you deeply enjoy, love, or just something you’re good at and let it take over your time. Make it an obsession. Make your thoughts and actions be a part of your goal(s). when it is all said and done we all have a limited amount of time to pursue our dreams, as morbid and crazy as that may sound. You can’t be so passive that you let all the opportunities life throws at you pass you by because you’re scared, uncertain or unwilling to push. Each day should be an improvement from the last no matter how small and no matter what it is. Obviously, all I write about is gym life related stuff, but that isn’t all life is about. For me, it is a large portion of what I do, but you can take whatever dream you have and turn it into reality if you put in the work. Life isn’t easy, it will knock you back and put you in your place a lot, believe me it will a lot, but it is how you persevere, endure and brave the challenges that really mark your chances of success. Not everyone will succeed, and that is where heart, determination, work ethic, skill, talent, drive, persistence, motivation and courage come in to separate the dedicated from the wannabees. People will drag you down, tell you how dumb your goals are and how you should be “realistic”, but honestly the hell with those kind of people. They are the ones that are too afraid to push and pursue any real mission, or goal because they are too afraid to fail. Failures happen, and it isn’t the end of the road. People don’t have perfectly paved roads to their goals. Hardship will come and go like the night sky, and I mean that as they appear and disappear often. You have to have a drive to succeed and accomplish each milestone or daily mission to truly make it wherever you aspire to be and to build character. When it comes down to it, I’m not successful either. I’m not where I want to be at all in life, but I have the determination and vision to continue along my path that I have traveled long and hard down to do what I set out to do. As clichéd as it may sound it really isn’t how you start but how you finish. I would like to think it isn’t where you start, but where you finish. Everyone has a past, and some may be prettier than others, but in the end it is what you do in the now, today, this very second that will propel you past the New Year’s Resolutioners, naysayers, and cowards to have a more legitimate shot at your goal, mission, or dream.

This week has been a pretty great week for my 120 goal. As promised I will release my Day 7 Leg day, just in case anyone wants to attempt a new workout, or just to view my reps and weight used, either is fine. Logging each workout has been extremely beneficial for creating new workouts in the future. I decided to label it strictly and each entry includes “Day: Number, muscle group being worked, each exercise being performed with weights and reps to be filled out as you go along, a cardio section that includes Calories burned and duration, Calories consumed for the day, Protein consumed, Fats consumed, Carbs consumed, and an “overall Comment” section I use to describe anything noteworthy to improve on, or if the weight moved well, or just anything really” for this posts purpose and to keep ot relatively short I will post on my workout with the exercise, weight used, and reps performed.

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Leg Day:

Squats: 8X8 at 225

Leg extension/curl: 130/100×10 other 5 sets 180/140x 10

Straight leg Deadlifts: 205x8x2 and 225×8

Leg Press: 545×10, 565×10, 585×10, 585×10, 585×10

Lunges: 4 sets of body weight for a distance of 20 yards each

Front squats: 135×6, 185×6, 185×6, 185×6

Cardio: 25 minutes of a stair stepper that burned 512 Calories


Your Dreams and Goals: a motivational rant.

Hey guys, sorry for the long break in between posts. I’ve been extremely busy lately but this post will be unique to the other ones.

One thing that I hear amongst people that really bothers me is that they believe all the negativity. They believe that they can’t get fit, join that sports team, make the cheer squad, go to college, join the military or countless other things that people aspire to do. They believe that they cannot succeed because people tell them they can’t, but think about the people that have found success. Do you think they listened to the people that told them they couldn’t? Do you believe they sat down, and gave up on their dreams and goals? No. you can’t allow the negativity of someone to weigh you down and hinder you from your dreams. You only have one life to live and you might as well live it how you want. Without regrets and missed opportunities. When people are spitting on your dreams and aspirations just respond how anyone successful has responded. They used what these naysayers said as a fuel to propel them even closer to their goals. It’s a mindset that you have to adopt in order to truly find success. Another thing is that people talk about their goals, but always wait until New Years, the Spring or whatever date to begin their journey. Well, to be honest, there is no right time to start your journey. No matter what it is going to be grueling and mentally challenging, and you will endure it if you want success. The best day to start any journey, any passion is now. Today. Don’t wait until New Years and watch as you let life pass you by, and then realize that you have nothing to show for time wasted. Each day is an opportunity, in this precious life we live. So, if it is worth going after and it keeps you up at night go for it. go out there and earn what you want that will make your life meaningful and happy. And if you’re at a low point in your life and feel like there’s no where to go just go up. Don’t make an irrational decision that will cause everyone pain because you are in a rough patch. Talk to people, and tough it out. It will get better. For me personally I’m not where I want to be, not even close. I realize that to get to my life goals I have a journey ahead of me, but the journey I have made so far makes the rest of the path seem small, and it pales in comparison. We have all hit lows in our life I’m sure. It is how you respond that truly makes the difference, and gives you new perspectives on life.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed my little rant. Just go out there and live your life. As always be sure to follow me on Instagram and twitter for questions and updates on my newest blogs.

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