Start Your Mission

What is it to have purpose? What motivates you each day to stand up and take on the challenges life throws at you daily? It has to be something that burns deep within you to give you an edge over everyone else. The things that separate you from your peers must be the drive within you to better yourself each and every day. This life can’t be a compilation of hobbies to pass the time and “amuse” you. You have to find something, anything you deeply enjoy, love, or just something you’re good at and let it take over your time. Make it an obsession. Make your thoughts and actions be a part of your goal(s). when it is all said and done we all have a limited amount of time to pursue our dreams, as morbid and crazy as that may sound. You can’t be so passive that you let all the opportunities life throws at you pass you by because you’re scared, uncertain or unwilling to push. Each day should be an improvement from the last no matter how small and no matter what it is. Obviously, all I write about is gym life related stuff, but that isn’t all life is about. For me, it is a large portion of what I do, but you can take whatever dream you have and turn it into reality if you put in the work. Life isn’t easy, it will knock you back and put you in your place a lot, believe me it will a lot, but it is how you persevere, endure and brave the challenges that really mark your chances of success. Not everyone will succeed, and that is where heart, determination, work ethic, skill, talent, drive, persistence, motivation and courage come in to separate the dedicated from the wannabees. People will drag you down, tell you how dumb your goals are and how you should be “realistic”, but honestly the hell with those kind of people. They are the ones that are too afraid to push and pursue any real mission, or goal because they are too afraid to fail. Failures happen, and it isn’t the end of the road. People don’t have perfectly paved roads to their goals. Hardship will come and go like the night sky, and I mean that as they appear and disappear often. You have to have a drive to succeed and accomplish each milestone or daily mission to truly make it wherever you aspire to be and to build character. When it comes down to it, I’m not successful either. I’m not where I want to be at all in life, but I have the determination and vision to continue along my path that I have traveled long and hard down to do what I set out to do. As clichéd as it may sound it really isn’t how you start but how you finish. I would like to think it isn’t where you start, but where you finish. Everyone has a past, and some may be prettier than others, but in the end it is what you do in the now, today, this very second that will propel you past the New Year’s Resolutioners, naysayers, and cowards to have a more legitimate shot at your goal, mission, or dream.

This week has been a pretty great week for my 120 goal. As promised I will release my Day 7 Leg day, just in case anyone wants to attempt a new workout, or just to view my reps and weight used, either is fine. Logging each workout has been extremely beneficial for creating new workouts in the future. I decided to label it strictly and each entry includes “Day: Number, muscle group being worked, each exercise being performed with weights and reps to be filled out as you go along, a cardio section that includes Calories burned and duration, Calories consumed for the day, Protein consumed, Fats consumed, Carbs consumed, and an “overall Comment” section I use to describe anything noteworthy to improve on, or if the weight moved well, or just anything really” for this posts purpose and to keep ot relatively short I will post on my workout with the exercise, weight used, and reps performed.

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Leg Day:

Squats: 8X8 at 225

Leg extension/curl: 130/100×10 other 5 sets 180/140x 10

Straight leg Deadlifts: 205x8x2 and 225×8

Leg Press: 545×10, 565×10, 585×10, 585×10, 585×10

Lunges: 4 sets of body weight for a distance of 20 yards each

Front squats: 135×6, 185×6, 185×6, 185×6

Cardio: 25 minutes of a stair stepper that burned 512 Calories


Announcements and New Recommendations

Hey guys!! Once again, it’s been a week or so since I have last posted, and I have a few new announcements to make.

First off, instead of free lancing my cut I decided to add some pressure by limiting it to a 120 day cycle, which will be fun. It helps me push harder each day, and value them as they are from a workout and dietary point of view. The point of it is to push myself on a daily basis, and it helps me keep intensity instead of having a “get there whenever” mentality. At the end of the day it is still a “you vs you” system regardless of how you organize it, but this way helps me, and I highly recommend you all to give it a shot. Those 120, 16 weeks, or 4 months (however you want to classify it” can propel you to your goals with outstanding results and a new outlook on time. When you consider it four months isn’t a long time, but it can give you results that will last a long time. To make this cut even more intense and rewarding I will completely cut the weekly cheat meal out until it is complete. Cheat meals are fine and great, but they do hinder results to some degree and I want the best results possible. I will do a follow up on how cutting out the cheat meal worked for me and if I noticed any difference without it.

I have also decided to start logging my workouts for the rest of my 120 cycle. Logging your workouts is a great way to observe your progression and to visually see where your weaknesses are. I recommend it to anyone, and if you have a Calorie tracking app you could even log it into your workout log. That way if you aren’t on your desired pace you can look back on your previous work, and make adjustments where they are necessary, instead of “winging it.” I am on day 7 right now, but I still have a ton to go so I will start adding my work out of the day on the end of each new post, just to benefit anyone looking to try a new work out.

On top of all this I am going to incorporate more variations to my routine. My lifting routine will vary week to week, but the rep range will stay consistent, and the same for my cardio routine. It will still be 30 minutes to an hour but I will do different things just to keep it interesting and challenging at the same time.  The variations are a way to get out of a strict routine. Routines that are repetitive eventually get boring, and nothing ruins results and progress like a boring routine. You must enjoy what you are doing to get the most out of it. If you don’t enjoy it then you will eventually give up. Enjoyment doesn’t mean easy, it should always be a challenge. If you aren’t challenged, then you are wasting your time.

To give credit where it is due the idea comes from one of my favorite youtubers, Nava the Beast, I would highly recommend anyone looking to get fit, watch motivational videos, or enjoy military related content to give him a subscribe.   

That is pretty much it for the announcements. I will do weekly updates on how this cut is going and how the anti-cheat meal benefits me, until then make sure to give me a follow on snap, Instagram and twitter for updates on motivation.

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Fitness blog 3: Misconceptions

Hey guys!! These last two posts have been pretty successful, so as promised I will continue to do this fitness series. In this one we will discuss a few aspects that no one really considers, where I am in my cut cycle, and a VERY small Q&A at the end.

Exercise: guys, the number of things that qualify as exercise are impossible for me to list, there’s that many. You don’t have to stick to the traditional Lift, Run, and repeat method, which I prefer. You can change your life doing the things that you like, and fitness should be fun for everyone. If you like to play tennis, then play tennis, that will get you looking good for the summer and change your life in a positive way. If you enjoy dancing, bowling, walking, backpacking(hiking), or whatever that involves physical exertion then do that to help you along the journey. Not to knock lifting and running, that is my preferred method but that is just because I enjoy it and the results are there for me. So, it helps me stay motivated. Whatever makes you happy and healthy, do it. You should enjoy what you do, but keep in mind you should still push yourself, that isn’t a signal to slack off and expect results.

Consistency- I know I hit this topic last post, but I can’t stress how important consistency is when you have goals set. If you run once a week, but disregard all the other six days, then you can’t expect to be achieving your goals extremely quickly. Consistency is key; you must get after it every day if you really want to get to your end goal.

Comparisons- when you are on Instagram or social media in general and you see this extremely lean aesthetic huge body builder, or ladies when you see that woman that has the “perfect” body, please realize they are extremely rare. They aren’t the minimum standard of fit, so if you aren’t close to them it’s okay, not many people are. Social media can be amazing for fitness, but at the same time it can lead to discouragement and unnecessary comparisons. Just be a better you than you were yesterday.

Flexibility- Flexibility is a really neglected aspect of the fitness world. Many people just pawn it off as a waste of twenty or so minutes, but the results can be rewarding. Flexibility helps you maintain a proper posture. Also, it helps you go through greater ranges of motion with less energy expended. It’s a major point that should not be left out, and stretching before and after a lift or physical activity in general greatly reduces your chance of injury. You don’t have to do yoga or anything but it is still a great idea to at least work on your flexibility everyday with some basic stretches.

Hydration- Staying hydrated is also another neglected part of exercise and fitness. Staying hydrated will reduce your fatigue, leading to a better and more efficient workout. It also has many cosmetic benefits as well, it gives life to your hair, and teeth. Staying hydrated will help reduce joint pain and lead to more efficient movements. Personally, I drink one gallon, or 128 ounces of water per day, but I think the minimum is 64 ounces. If you meet your personal requirements, then you should be fine. Just don’t forget to sip on water throughout the day. Staying hydrated also helps with weight loss, so keep that in mind.

As far as my workouts I am right now in the most challenging part of my cut cycle. As I mentioned in my previous post it is important to slowly lower yourself down to your Caloric intake goal, and I have done just that at 1900 per day. It is difficult because the cardio portion of my workouts have also gotten slightly longer. If you want to see results you must be willing to sacrifice. These next few week will be challenging, and having this cold won’t make it any easier for me, but you have to overcome obstacles to get to your goals. So, this will just be a small bump in the road for me.

As promised guys, I will reveal one of my workouts, and I will answer a couple questions that were sent in. remember to give me a follow-on twitter and Instagram for sneak peeks of newer posts and a way to send in questions.

Q&A session

Q: Where are you from?

A: I am from Norton, Va. I small city located in the southwest region of Virginia.

Q: what supplements do you take, and what should I take to gain weight?

A: I personally don’t take any supplements, but if you want to gain weight I would consider a mass gainer. It isn’t a bad idea to talk to your local GNC employees to see what they have in stock for you, and what they may recommend.

Workout reveal

Leg day:

Cardio warm up: 10 minutes

Squats: 5×10

Leg extension & curls: 5×10

Lunges: 3×10

Leg press: 3×12

Smith machine squats: 4×6-8

Calf raises: 5×12

Ab session: your preference

Cardio: one hour of your choice, I recommend an elliptical or some relative of it for knee comfort.

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Social Media: Continued Discussions and Temporary Conclusion

The seemingly impossible task of excommunicating myself from social media has been a continued project that I have managed to hold true to. But, considering I have many friends that are extremely hard to get ahold of and considering it is the holidays I have decided to take a brief break from my maverick holdout. With this being said, I still have an updated report card from myself considering I am approaching my third consecutive week from social media. I have up to this point still abstained from any infractions to perfection. The addicting urges to scroll, check, and stare blankly at my screen are completely gone and I believe I have cured myself from this horrid and underexplained disease that is social media over usage. From the standpoint of sleep I have experienced better quality still. I am completely inclined to believe that this increased standard of sleep and my lack of night phone exposure correlate to the utmost degree, so for that I must praise the Lord. I have increased awareness and the ability to remember small things, like what I looked at my phone for in the first place. I’m sure we have all opened our phone with an objective in mind but then blankly stare at an app without any clue as to what we intended to accomplish originally. So, we decide to scroll on Instagram until our memory allows us to remember, in which it may or may not do. A truly frustrating common occurrence to the best of my memory. I have noticed an increase in my thoughts and a better ability to plan things considering I have a massive increase in spare time. It seems that my thoughts are more relevant and important. The insignificant worries I had before are also gone. Like, is this picture going to get a ton of likes? Is this something I want to tweet? What should I use as a caption? Is this worthy of my story? I wonder what ________’s story is about? All these blank and pointless thoughts are thankfully out of my mind, and for that I must also thank the Lord. I have an increased interest in religion and a relationship with God, because my mind had to address it from my lack of “escapes.” The things are fast from social media will help you accomplish are astonishing. It really helps you find who you are, and it helps you analyze other people and you take a more considerate approach to their person. Like, their goals are more real as are yours, truly a beautiful thing to say the least. The insatiable desire to be accepted by your peers is often addressed on social media and measured by likes, but it should be satisfied by the ability of one to make some kind of difference in their community. We should take pride in our extol of the Lord! And to allow others to see the example you have set and lead others to him to some form. It goes farther than likes. My decry of social media is not to be confused with a new found haughty, that is not my intentions and I still believe we are all subject to growth, and it takes us all different paths to finally achieve our finest form. The zenith of this excommunication would be that I have a predilection for the smaller things in life. As a perusal, this entire three week experience has been filled with nothing but growth and self-satisfaction from the lack of comparison associated with social media. Obviously, the nadir of this experience was in the beginning of this maverick experiment. The confusion I experienced and my loss of information was overwhelming to begin, but soon my confusion was replaced with jubilance. I initially considered this to be a rash decision, and the common discussions about a snapchat story seemed ostentatious to begin, but soon it was just casual conversation that I seldom noticed. Social media in moderation is possible the most useful thing ever invented, but as an addiction it is deleterious. This is incontrovertible, it is an absolute truth. My temporary integration to the world of social media will be a transition done carefully. My knowledge of abuse will be my greatest friend during this integration. My strike of excommunication from social media is not complete, but brought to a halt for the holidays. To all a challenge is still out but one I would recommend to be postponed until these special times of the year are concluded. Still, the odds are not in your favor.