Fitness Blog1: Beginning of Something Great

Hey guys, I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’m finally back after getting organized again. Anyways, I planned on posting a blog condemning resolutions for their lack of success and to question the timing, but I refrained. So, I decided to take another approach to it. Usually, resolutions are for people to get into the gym life, get fit, diet and become a better them. Which is absolutely great by the way; we all start somewhere. But, after a few years of observations, the gyms are packed to their max in January and maybe mid-February but after that they return to normal, and it is always the new ones that end up leaving. The reason for this isn’t because you (maybe you but just generally speaking) lack the will to change, but you set your goals too high and did nothing to prepare yourself for the challenges of dieting and self-discipline. Most people I talk to when they first sign up usually talk about their diet “Yeah bro, I just started my cut cycle. I only eat like 1800 Calories a day now” which also is fine and effective if you have worked your way down, but just going from 3,000+ to 1,800 isn’t going to work, because your body won’t properly function from that kind of deficit. You can’t go low Calorie on a whim and that is people’s largest discouragement in their new fitness life. From my experience and the experience of others it is essential to ease your way down. Maybe like 2900 every day for a week, then 2700 every day for a week, and so on until you reach your desired consumption per day or whatever rate you feel comfortable with. Another thing about New Year’s resolutions that are upsetting is that people will actually have goals for the New Year far before January 1st, and I don’t understand why you can’t legitimize your success by starting ahead of time. Why wait? There is nothing special about the New Year as far as effort and results are concerned. It is always best to start ahead of time, because this will get you to your goals faster, and you will have experience by the time New Year’s rolls around. For anyone considering a lifestyle change I highly recommend it. It honestly is just like anything else that is challenging, because the results are based on your mental fortitude and will power to succeed in whatever you choose. It gets challenging when your friends are having pizza, wanting to go out to eat or go out for the night, but you have to be able to deny yourself of these small luxuries if you want to succeed. You can always enjoy your time with your friends and if you go out to eat you can always order a healthy alternative, instead of the heaping plates of chili cheese fries that everyone else is indulging on. I will continue this series with a few more suggestions and maybe a Q&A session for anyone that wants any recommendations or my own personal experiences. I may even attach my own workout routines to the bottom of my upcoming blogs. If you have any question be sure to ask them on my snap, or Instagram and be sure to give me a follow to show your support.




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First off my name is Shane Absher, and I'm from the Southwestern Region of Virginia. I am a college student at the University of Virginia's College at Wise. My goal with my blog posts is to inspire each individual into becoming a better, and more motivated version of their self. I have explored many avenues of fitness, and would like to share with each my own goals, and maybe even ways for you to accomplish your own goals. I want each of my readers to share my page to your friends and allow them an opportunity to possibly become inspired to change. Remember, change is scary, difficult and unique but it is for the better. God bless you all and have a great day! Remember to share each of my posts and follow me on instagram, twitter and Facebook. IG: _absher_ Twitter: _absher_97 Facebook:@Shane Absher

One thought on “Fitness Blog1: Beginning of Something Great”

  1. Good stuff man! I defnintely agree. I notice that sometimes I like to put off trying to go at a new level of intensity until a certain set date when there is truly no reason to wait. (Most often that “certain date” is the following Monday or the first day of the next month.) Still there is no reason to wait. Look forward to reading the rest of your stuff.


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