Fitness Blog 4: Activities Outside of the Gym

Hey Guys! Once again, this series has been extremely fun and successful so here is the fourth part of this series.


In the gym and fitness world it is very easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged, but the thing to remember is that everyone starts somewhere. As a person that literally started as far away from “ideal” as possible, it will all improve as time goes on. You will, with hard work and determination, reach your goals. It will obviously be a difficult and enduring journey that, to be honest, will never end. The thing is you want to reach goal, but you don’t want to just reach it. You want to maintain it, improve it even more and live with it if your body allows. Therefore, the journey isn’t a month, two month, a year, or any set amount of time, it is forever, or if you are willing to uphold it. The motivation will continue, with each step or milestone you will feel accomplished and want the next one, and so on. The initial process of going out and starting your journey is typically the most difficult time. You generally have no idea how to diet, how to begin a workout, what kind of workouts will benefit you, or how to approach your issues from a logical standpoint. After you figure out what works from either a nutritionist or trial and error it just becomes routine and that is easily followed with slight variations. But here are a few different routes you may consider for fun Calorie burning when all else fails, or if you want a day away from the gym.

Hiking- one of my personal favorite things to do when I’m not in the gym, and still wanting to burn a few extra Calories.  It is an effective way to burn a significant number of Calories. Generally, an average person will burn around 500 Calories hiking, but a lot of this depends on terrain, and body composition.

Cycling- not personally one of my favorite pass times, but still a very productive use of spare time is cycling. If you have a safe route, and the essential materials to have a safe ride, then cycling is a great use of your time away from the gym. As a rough estimate, you can count on burning at least 500 Calories an hour assuming you upheld a pace that is quick.

Jogging/walking- In an event that you can’t make it to the gym, or if you just want to enjoy the day jogging or walking are the tried and tested of at home fitness. Jogging is great alternative to a gym workout when you are rushed for time. Walking is a great exercise for those that are beginning to enter the fitness lifestyle, or if you have a minor injury that prohibits strenuous movements, but allows walking and light exercise. When jogging there are a few things to consider to gauge your workout results. Your weight, and intensity are to be considered, but an average pace of five miles per hour for an hour can usually burn approximately 450 Calories. Walking however, must be considered slightly differently, but as a general rule think 100 Calories per mile if you weigh 180 and 65 Calories if you weigh 120. The more you weigh the more you will burn, and the less you weigh the less you will burn generally.

Body weight resistance- I mentioned that hiking was one of my favorite things to do while away from the gym, but this is my favorite hands down. This is broader of a category than the others but it has a plethora of exercises. You can do standard push-ups, diamond push-ups, pull-ups, chin ups, sit ups, crunches, plank, c-sits, twists, dips and muscle ups if you are capable (I’m not). You can have a great workout just from a few of these options, and I have a day once a week that focuses on body weight resistance instead of weights, because it is that effective. I am all for the gym, but if you wanted to avoid the gym scene then I would highly recommend doing body weight exercises with high intensity.

As promised I will reveal another workout, but this time instead of my own I will refer you to a workout that I found online for beginners that looks promising. It is a workout from “Muscle & Fitness.” I will leave a link at the end for anyone willing to attempt it. it is four week long, but once again looks promising and can get you on the right track.

That’s it for this blog, remember to send Q&A’s for the next post and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, twitter and snapchat for previews of my new blogs, a means to send questions and a shout out. As promised the link will be below for the Muscle & Fitness four-week beginner workout.


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Fitness blog 3: Misconceptions

Hey guys!! These last two posts have been pretty successful, so as promised I will continue to do this fitness series. In this one we will discuss a few aspects that no one really considers, where I am in my cut cycle, and a VERY small Q&A at the end.

Exercise: guys, the number of things that qualify as exercise are impossible for me to list, there’s that many. You don’t have to stick to the traditional Lift, Run, and repeat method, which I prefer. You can change your life doing the things that you like, and fitness should be fun for everyone. If you like to play tennis, then play tennis, that will get you looking good for the summer and change your life in a positive way. If you enjoy dancing, bowling, walking, backpacking(hiking), or whatever that involves physical exertion then do that to help you along the journey. Not to knock lifting and running, that is my preferred method but that is just because I enjoy it and the results are there for me. So, it helps me stay motivated. Whatever makes you happy and healthy, do it. You should enjoy what you do, but keep in mind you should still push yourself, that isn’t a signal to slack off and expect results.

Consistency- I know I hit this topic last post, but I can’t stress how important consistency is when you have goals set. If you run once a week, but disregard all the other six days, then you can’t expect to be achieving your goals extremely quickly. Consistency is key; you must get after it every day if you really want to get to your end goal.

Comparisons- when you are on Instagram or social media in general and you see this extremely lean aesthetic huge body builder, or ladies when you see that woman that has the “perfect” body, please realize they are extremely rare. They aren’t the minimum standard of fit, so if you aren’t close to them it’s okay, not many people are. Social media can be amazing for fitness, but at the same time it can lead to discouragement and unnecessary comparisons. Just be a better you than you were yesterday.

Flexibility- Flexibility is a really neglected aspect of the fitness world. Many people just pawn it off as a waste of twenty or so minutes, but the results can be rewarding. Flexibility helps you maintain a proper posture. Also, it helps you go through greater ranges of motion with less energy expended. It’s a major point that should not be left out, and stretching before and after a lift or physical activity in general greatly reduces your chance of injury. You don’t have to do yoga or anything but it is still a great idea to at least work on your flexibility everyday with some basic stretches.

Hydration- Staying hydrated is also another neglected part of exercise and fitness. Staying hydrated will reduce your fatigue, leading to a better and more efficient workout. It also has many cosmetic benefits as well, it gives life to your hair, and teeth. Staying hydrated will help reduce joint pain and lead to more efficient movements. Personally, I drink one gallon, or 128 ounces of water per day, but I think the minimum is 64 ounces. If you meet your personal requirements, then you should be fine. Just don’t forget to sip on water throughout the day. Staying hydrated also helps with weight loss, so keep that in mind.

As far as my workouts I am right now in the most challenging part of my cut cycle. As I mentioned in my previous post it is important to slowly lower yourself down to your Caloric intake goal, and I have done just that at 1900 per day. It is difficult because the cardio portion of my workouts have also gotten slightly longer. If you want to see results you must be willing to sacrifice. These next few week will be challenging, and having this cold won’t make it any easier for me, but you have to overcome obstacles to get to your goals. So, this will just be a small bump in the road for me.

As promised guys, I will reveal one of my workouts, and I will answer a couple questions that were sent in. remember to give me a follow-on twitter and Instagram for sneak peeks of newer posts and a way to send in questions.

Q&A session

Q: Where are you from?

A: I am from Norton, Va. I small city located in the southwest region of Virginia.

Q: what supplements do you take, and what should I take to gain weight?

A: I personally don’t take any supplements, but if you want to gain weight I would consider a mass gainer. It isn’t a bad idea to talk to your local GNC employees to see what they have in stock for you, and what they may recommend.

Workout reveal

Leg day:

Cardio warm up: 10 minutes

Squats: 5×10

Leg extension & curls: 5×10

Lunges: 3×10

Leg press: 3×12

Smith machine squats: 4×6-8

Calf raises: 5×12

Ab session: your preference

Cardio: one hour of your choice, I recommend an elliptical or some relative of it for knee comfort.

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Fitness Blog 2: Advice and Q&A

I enjoyed doing a fitness post last time and I have decided to make a series that will based on the questions I receive and a weekly workout reveal. Anyways, I decided to make a short list of the things that will make you a successful gym goer!

  • Gym Etiquette- Guys, there is probably nothing more important than gym etiquette. For me, it was required of us in high school to use our machines quickly, but while still finishing our sets and it was required for us to clean the entire weight room after we completed our workouts for football, or even as a class. It seemed really unnecessary at first for me, but I honestly couldn’t thank my coaches enough for instilling that simple discipline in us. In the real gym world, there is no one hovering around you to make you clean up after yourself or to make you use the machines in a proper amount of time. Respecting your fellow gym goers and gym employees is important. Remember guys, someone has to pick up the mess you leave behind, so don’t be that guy! And also remember how inconvenient it is to wait on a machine or station, so don’t waste time while using one. It is going to ruin another person’s workout as well as your own.
  • Routine- it is essential that you get into a routine while looking for “gainz” or whatever your goals are. There are plenty of resources to find above average workouts, unless you are comfortable making your own routine which is also fine. I would recommend copying online workouts from a reputable website at first, until you get the feel for what your body responds to the most, and it is important to keep in mind that one workout may be perfect for one person, but barely effective for you, so don’t get discouraged
  • Get a gym partner-Staying motivated at first is the hardest part of the fitness life. As mentioned previously in my last post, it is because people expect results immediately because they completely cut there Calorie intake and make ridiculously intense workouts that are almost impossible to complete. A partner will keep you motivated and in check, because you both will go through times of doubt and discouragement initially which is fine. It is your job as that person’s gym partner to keep them going and challenge each other to get the best results possible. A little friendly competition will only make your workouts better and even more interesting, but do as you please and do whatever you all may enjoy.
  • Be Patient-realize that right now your goals will take time. There is no magic pill that makes you go from a couch potato to a lean massive body builder overnight. Drastic changes regarding your body are gradual and time consuming. You will start to see results relatively quickly, but if you are looking to lose 40lbs or gain 30lbs of muscle you should go ahead and expect to work hard and consistently for a considerable amount of time. It will be well worth it in the end and you will be able to reflect on all the work you put in, but it is not an overnight process, just stay motivated and you will achieve your milestones.
  • Eating Habits-the most neglected but essential part of the entire process is dieting and/or eating habits. Your body thrives off what you put into it and your weight is based off this as well. If you want great results you must have great eating habits, and there is no way around this. It is also the most mentally challenging part because it is easy to fall for temptations while out with friends or while you are alone at home with like an entire bag of Doritos that you are supposed to avoid at all costs. The only advice I can give you is to realize that this could ruin all your hard work and to remember why you are on the mission that you are on. If you REALLY want to achieve your goals then you must abstain from poor eating habits and embrace the fact that your goals depend on a lifestyle change.


Q: You mentioned the importance of Calories in your post, how do I track them?

A: I had a hard time counting my intake for the longest time and just gave estimations, but I settled for this app called “My Fitness Pal” on the app store. I’m not sure about android users but I know for apple users it is on the app store for free and it is pretty good. I recommend it for anyone trying to keep their calories counted. It has an under armor logo on its logo and as of today was the second result on the search.

Q: What do gym memberships cost?

A: There isn’t really a set price for gyms in general, but the lowest I have paid is $20 a month and the gym I go to right now is $30 I think, but I’m a student at the college so I don’t have to pay. Some gyms offer couple discounts and family plans so it is worth checking out and asking the owner if they have any deals.

That is all of the Q&A. be sure to ask me any questions regarding this post or any questions related to the material. Be sure to add me on the snap, follow me on Instagram or twitter for any questions or updates on my workouts and reveals for new posts.

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Fitness Blog1: Beginning of Something Great

Hey guys, I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’m finally back after getting organized again. Anyways, I planned on posting a blog condemning resolutions for their lack of success and to question the timing, but I refrained. So, I decided to take another approach to it. Usually, resolutions are for people to get into the gym life, get fit, diet and become a better them. Which is absolutely great by the way; we all start somewhere. But, after a few years of observations, the gyms are packed to their max in January and maybe mid-February but after that they return to normal, and it is always the new ones that end up leaving. The reason for this isn’t because you (maybe you but just generally speaking) lack the will to change, but you set your goals too high and did nothing to prepare yourself for the challenges of dieting and self-discipline. Most people I talk to when they first sign up usually talk about their diet “Yeah bro, I just started my cut cycle. I only eat like 1800 Calories a day now” which also is fine and effective if you have worked your way down, but just going from 3,000+ to 1,800 isn’t going to work, because your body won’t properly function from that kind of deficit. You can’t go low Calorie on a whim and that is people’s largest discouragement in their new fitness life. From my experience and the experience of others it is essential to ease your way down. Maybe like 2900 every day for a week, then 2700 every day for a week, and so on until you reach your desired consumption per day or whatever rate you feel comfortable with. Another thing about New Year’s resolutions that are upsetting is that people will actually have goals for the New Year far before January 1st, and I don’t understand why you can’t legitimize your success by starting ahead of time. Why wait? There is nothing special about the New Year as far as effort and results are concerned. It is always best to start ahead of time, because this will get you to your goals faster, and you will have experience by the time New Year’s rolls around. For anyone considering a lifestyle change I highly recommend it. It honestly is just like anything else that is challenging, because the results are based on your mental fortitude and will power to succeed in whatever you choose. It gets challenging when your friends are having pizza, wanting to go out to eat or go out for the night, but you have to be able to deny yourself of these small luxuries if you want to succeed. You can always enjoy your time with your friends and if you go out to eat you can always order a healthy alternative, instead of the heaping plates of chili cheese fries that everyone else is indulging on. I will continue this series with a few more suggestions and maybe a Q&A session for anyone that wants any recommendations or my own personal experiences. I may even attach my own workout routines to the bottom of my upcoming blogs. If you have any question be sure to ask them on my snap, or Instagram and be sure to give me a follow to show your support.




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