Social Media: Continued Discussions and Temporary Conclusion

The seemingly impossible task of excommunicating myself from social media has been a continued project that I have managed to hold true to. But, considering I have many friends that are extremely hard to get ahold of and considering it is the holidays I have decided to take a brief break from my maverick holdout. With this being said, I still have an updated report card from myself considering I am approaching my third consecutive week from social media. I have up to this point still abstained from any infractions to perfection. The addicting urges to scroll, check, and stare blankly at my screen are completely gone and I believe I have cured myself from this horrid and underexplained disease that is social media over usage. From the standpoint of sleep I have experienced better quality still. I am completely inclined to believe that this increased standard of sleep and my lack of night phone exposure correlate to the utmost degree, so for that I must praise the Lord. I have increased awareness and the ability to remember small things, like what I looked at my phone for in the first place. I’m sure we have all opened our phone with an objective in mind but then blankly stare at an app without any clue as to what we intended to accomplish originally. So, we decide to scroll on Instagram until our memory allows us to remember, in which it may or may not do. A truly frustrating common occurrence to the best of my memory. I have noticed an increase in my thoughts and a better ability to plan things considering I have a massive increase in spare time. It seems that my thoughts are more relevant and important. The insignificant worries I had before are also gone. Like, is this picture going to get a ton of likes? Is this something I want to tweet? What should I use as a caption? Is this worthy of my story? I wonder what ________’s story is about? All these blank and pointless thoughts are thankfully out of my mind, and for that I must also thank the Lord. I have an increased interest in religion and a relationship with God, because my mind had to address it from my lack of “escapes.” The things are fast from social media will help you accomplish are astonishing. It really helps you find who you are, and it helps you analyze other people and you take a more considerate approach to their person. Like, their goals are more real as are yours, truly a beautiful thing to say the least. The insatiable desire to be accepted by your peers is often addressed on social media and measured by likes, but it should be satisfied by the ability of one to make some kind of difference in their community. We should take pride in our extol of the Lord! And to allow others to see the example you have set and lead others to him to some form. It goes farther than likes. My decry of social media is not to be confused with a new found haughty, that is not my intentions and I still believe we are all subject to growth, and it takes us all different paths to finally achieve our finest form. The zenith of this excommunication would be that I have a predilection for the smaller things in life. As a perusal, this entire three week experience has been filled with nothing but growth and self-satisfaction from the lack of comparison associated with social media. Obviously, the nadir of this experience was in the beginning of this maverick experiment. The confusion I experienced and my loss of information was overwhelming to begin, but soon my confusion was replaced with jubilance. I initially considered this to be a rash decision, and the common discussions about a snapchat story seemed ostentatious to begin, but soon it was just casual conversation that I seldom noticed. Social media in moderation is possible the most useful thing ever invented, but as an addiction it is deleterious. This is incontrovertible, it is an absolute truth. My temporary integration to the world of social media will be a transition done carefully. My knowledge of abuse will be my greatest friend during this integration. My strike of excommunication from social media is not complete, but brought to a halt for the holidays. To all a challenge is still out but one I would recommend to be postponed until these special times of the year are concluded. Still, the odds are not in your favor.



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Fitness Motivation

First off my name is Shane Absher, and I'm from the Southwestern Region of Virginia. I am a college student at the University of Virginia's College at Wise. My goal with my blog posts is to inspire each individual into becoming a better, and more motivated version of their self. I have explored many avenues of fitness, and would like to share with each my own goals, and maybe even ways for you to accomplish your own goals. I want each of my readers to share my page to your friends and allow them an opportunity to possibly become inspired to change. Remember, change is scary, difficult and unique but it is for the better. God bless you all and have a great day! Remember to share each of my posts and follow me on instagram, twitter and Facebook. IG: _absher_ Twitter: _absher_97 Facebook:@Shane Absher

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