Poor Investments of the Impatient


            The inspiration behind my latest pondered concept originate from a reading that I avidly and patiently waited to read upon its release.  It was a blog that was in the works for a couple weeks and one from a friend that got me into this world of creative writing. For a backstory, this post was in complete reference to the “Dating vs Marriage” concept, and whether they are synonymous. The blog goes into intricate detail regarding the differences between these two fully separate forms of relations between two people and it shares with us the Bibles words to justify the writer’s belief. In all honesty, it is a slightly long post but one I would highly recommend to you all. Every single word is meticulously placed and the message is quite eye opening. I will leave a link and title at the end for any of you that want to read it, it won’t disappoint I assure you. Anyways, from that blog a concept was stuck in my mind, that maybe we are a generation of people that over invest ourselves into things. Think about it, have you ever dedicated yourself to something to an extent that it changes your social or even financial situations in a negative way? I am sure that we all have. We are people obsessed with fulfilling a pride in things that we may have no business in dealing with or pursuing. It is human nature to want to become the best at something or to avoid failure of any type. Investing yourself into a good cause is great, and it is the only way to get better as a person, but over investing yourself to a cause that is not worthy of time or even investing yourself to a good cause in which you are not qualified or able to be of service to are not justifiable although your motives may have been morally sound. Time is the most valuable asset we have as people. Once time is wasted or misused there is no return policy in which we are compensated. Another awful use of our time and devotion would be blindly or eagerly dedicating to a cause prematurely or without reassurance of its legitimacy. For this example, consider the American Civil War. The Confederate States of America had every advantage imaginable over the Union. They had Military Tradition/experience, pride, cause (the cause was to uphold the institution of slavery as a means of sustaining their agricultural based economy), and they were economically self-sustaining. The only advantages the Union had was population and a navy. With all the southern advantages, they elected to proceed to war without first building a decent Navy dismissing it as a slight disadvantage. In their minds, it was a war that would be based on land, and that a navy would do little good considering the terrain for the country and their strategic placement of their capital city. The Confederates played their advantages to perfection. They were dominant through the first ¾ or so of the war. Until, the North discovered their rivals Achilles hill. The North would eventually use their Navy to create a blockade so long that the south could not export their cash crops to Britain, and so that the south could not import ammunition or medical supplies. Without trade the South was doomed to lose and their blind investment ended up burning them, literally. Research William Sherman’s march to the sea if my reference went over your head. Anyways, this example provides sufficient evidence that blind investments are a bad idea and that they usually don’t produce positive results. Even in the case of eager men from over 150 years ago.  I guess to sum this up it would be that over investing yourself is a nasty thing that only leads to stress or complete failure. I am guilty of this, but I was able to replace my poor time management and time investments to help propel myself into a more positive mindset and a more positive position socially for the sake of my sanity. Sometimes less is more is what I am trying to get at. I don’t know your daily life, but it may be possible to restructure your time in such a way that you allow adequate communication to the people that actually care about you, instead of leaving them behind in your fast-paced adult life, or teenage life for that matter. There is not any reason to bury yourself in your responsibilities when you can find other ways to do them. Sometimes you have to accept the fact that you will be busy. I am not suggesting to anyone to neglect your personal responsibilities or hobbies. If you have a major exam upcoming study, if you are trying to become right with God, then read the word without conviction. If you are an individual that has found a congregation of like-minded people in which you can converse or share your passion with than continue to strive towards whatever you seek. If everyone of importance in your life is interested in your particular profession than you need not to slow down, but if someone is on a different page but is still striving, maybe you can allow some time for this person. That is if they are truly of importance to you. The entire concept essentially boils down to the fact that we are a people of poor time investments and people that are eager to forget about people that we consider important. We need to all live our own lives, but there is not an adequate reason to exclude people just because their interests differ. If they are condescending on your preferences than maybe you can speed off a little bit. In closing, I would just like my readers to consider their personal lives, time management, time investments, blind investments etc… and maybe try to restructure if it is necessary. If you must you can create and fill out one of those dreadful time planning charts issued by the majority of our Freshman Seminar professors. They are an easy way to visually see how you spend your time, and have actually helped me in the past. Good luck in your investments and as promised the link to the “Dating and Marriage Are Not Synonymous” blog is below

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