Infinite Prosperity

The idea of success is an ever-varying concept that needs some clarification. Success is most consistent with the fabulous and over glorified life of our favorite athletes, musicians, politicians, authors and any other person who breaks national spotlight and earns the coveted riches associated with fame. If that is your idea of success than unfortunely the odds are stacked against you fiercely, but possibilities are still there for you to achieve this rare and worshipped life style, so all I can say is good luck to you! But what happens to the rest of us? Are we unsuccessful and unskilled, doomed to a life of miserable and distasteful failure? No, I would argue that we are actually the more blessed and capable people in this world. Not all of us, but the few of us that are willing to grit our teeth to experience the wonders of life that keep you up at night and the dreams that to most will be just dreams. You don’t have to be on a stage to experience a euphoria and adrenaline rush that is overwhelmingly addictive and desired by us all. We can achieve that just from achieving our goals as people. From traveling the world to seeing all the wonders God has bestowed upon us. Simple things that are essentially free in cost, but valuable to us far more than any simple material object that will eventually deteriorate and lose value. You don’t have to be a Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian to enjoy life and experience the finer things our world has to offer. The idea is not to shame those that desire a lavish life style, but to give a ray of hope to those that measure success by material objects and things that have empty meaning. Recently, I watched a documentary called “Beware of Christians” and it is what inspired me to think about this entire concept. To summarize, it is about a group of college aged men that travel to Europe to practice Christianity in a less traditional way. They learned a lot about people as a whole and had many focuses, but the most lasting focus was the general appeal of people to nice things. A man with an extraordinary car was applauded just because of his car, and a multitude of people swarmed his car in what was a frenzy of materialism. As they progressed they had many mishaps but still showed a general happiness. It showed me how much fun can be had from just being around people that you like and having a core group of friends that support you as you support them. Happiness does not correlate with material objects. I’m not saying stay unemployed and be homeless, obviously money is required to live and be safe, but it won’t buy happiness, friends, true relationships, or self esteem. To be successful in life you need to enjoy your life and find your group of people. Without happiness, you can’t succeed. Without drive, desire, will and determination you can’t succeed. To prosper in life, you must love the life you live and have a love for your purpose once it is found. Our purposes differ from person to person and that is what makes us all unique. The prosperity and happiness achievable are infinite as long as you find what you desire to do, contribute and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Infinite prosperity is an option, as long as you are willing to sacrifice and go through whatever hell you face along the way. Not all of us will be world recognized celebrities, but we can all be to some degree successful people. Just define your success and start your journey. 


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Fitness Motivation

First off my name is Shane Absher, and I'm from the Southwestern Region of Virginia. I am a college student at the University of Virginia's College at Wise. My goal with my blog posts is to inspire each individual into becoming a better, and more motivated version of their self. I have explored many avenues of fitness, and would like to share with each my own goals, and maybe even ways for you to accomplish your own goals. I want each of my readers to share my page to your friends and allow them an opportunity to possibly become inspired to change. Remember, change is scary, difficult and unique but it is for the better. God bless you all and have a great day! Remember to share each of my posts and follow me on instagram, twitter and Facebook. IG: _absher_ Twitter: _absher_97 Facebook:@Shane Absher

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